Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunny Days

I am so looking forward to spring and summer.  A time when the grass is green and the flowers are blooming.  When it is warm and sunny and I can work in my garden.  I think what I love the most about summertime is the long, warm evenings.  I love going for walks with my family and our dogs or going out and riding our horses.  I feel like there is so much more time to get things accomplished in the summer.  But, for now I will not take for granted the beauty that is winter!


  1. I'm with you - I will welcome spring with open arms! I'm trying to see the beauty in our 60" of snow this year, but the green grass needs a chance to grow, too.

  2. I hear you!! There are some enjoyable things about winter that I try to keep hold of when the nights are cold, but I definitely look forward to the long warm summer nights where you can sit outside until 9pm to just relax and enjoy a good read.